On 26th September, our cofounder Alexis presented Field Buzz systems and capabilities at an internal briefing of the German Development Bank (KfW) in Frankfurt. Our sofware for the Stabilization Programme Northern Afghanistan (SPNA), where we provided the technical solution and consultancy to enable remote monitoring of projects in insecure locations, served as the main best-practice example. For a few years now KfW has been funding infrastructure- and capacity-building projects in Northern Afghanistan through its SPNA programme. As the region is a high-risk zone for the employees of international agencies, monitoring has to be done remotely, through local site engineers. To provide a higher level of transaparency and more up-to-date assessements of ongoing work, KfW together with the on-site monitoring team has introduced Field Buzz mobile technology to check up on sites and coordinate capacity building trainings.

The software and its impact were presented to various heads of departments and project managers in the development bank. We were also given the opportunity to present further ways in which the Field Buzz platform can be used and some brief case studies. As well as remote tracking of infrastructure, potential applications for the successful execution of energy, nutrition and health-care projects  (e.g. to facilitate the introduction of health insurance for low-income households) attracted wide interest and discussion. Additional follow-up meetings with KfW managers have already been planned.