We are pleased that the Field Buzz software platform has been selected to help monitor three large government-run Water and Sanitation programmes in Mali. The PNMRE (Programme National de Mobilisation des Ressources en eau) and PAEPMA (Programme d’Alimentation en Eau Potable et Mesures d’Assainissement dans les centres ruraux et semi-urbains), run by the Malian government department DNH (Direction Nationale de l’Hydraulique) and funded by KfW Development Bank on behalf of German government cooperation, will involve significant investment in water points and piping, as well as sanitation infrastructure, in the Mopti, Kayes and Koulikoro regions. Concurrent infrastructure investment will also be carried out by SOMAPEP in the city of Timbuktu (Renforcement du Système d’Alimentation en Eau Potable et d’Assainissement de la ville de Tombouctou). All stakeholders will use Field Buzz for project management and progress monitoring, including on-site reporting. As part of the agreement, we will be providing a dedicated Field Buzz implementing consultant on the ground.

This new initiative demonstrates once again our expertise in deploying powerful remote monitoring solutions for fragile, insecure and remote environments. The project will be launched in January 2018 and will last six years.

For more information: https://www.kfw-entwicklungsbank.de/International-financing/KfW-Development-Bank/Local-presence/Subsahara-Africa/Mali/