We are looking to hire Project Consultants, both in senior and junior positions, to help us with the day-to-day implementation of the Field Buzz software.

  • Job title: Project Consultant (senior or junior depending on previous experience)
  • Number of vacancies: 4
  • Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh (but will need to travel inside or outside the country for different activities such as requirement analysis, training and field visits.)
  • Experience Level: More than 1 year of experience, but for deserving candidates we will make an exception.
  • Salary: Starting from BDT 45K. Depending on experience and seniority, the salary can be up to BDT 80K or more for exceptional candidates.
  • We are not biased to any specific gender/race/religion and believe in equal opportunity.

Under the brand name “Field Buzz” (https://field.buzz), Field Information Solutions develops, sells and implements software systems for managing dispersed and remote operations more effectively. We are a fast-growing start-up with offices in Dhaka and in Frankfurt as well as associated team members in Yangon, Nairobi and Bogota. Our clients include multinational companies such as Unilever, Danone and Neumann Kaffee Gruppe, as well as NGOs and development agencies such as BRAC, UNDP, UNCDF and KfW, for software projects in many countries around the world.

Field Buzz has been focused in last-mile distribution, microfinance, agro-sourcing and infrastructure monitoring sectors since its founding in 2015. It has been featured and awarded globally for very cost effective and flexible product.

We are now building a standardized version of our sales solution for manufacturers and distributors to track their sales to micro-merchants (“mudir dokan”) in Bangladesh and later in other countries in Asia and Africa. As well as some new technical challenges, this involves a commercial challenge. Instead of a few large clients paying up-front project fees for customized software, we need to attract many smaller companies, that pay a per-user monthly fee: this is known as a “Software-as-a-Service” or S-a-a-S business model. You can check details at https://field.buzz/sales. Companies like Ispahani, Meghna group, Lovello Icecream have subscribed to this solution to manage their sales force.

Under the guidance of the Project Manager / Co-founder, you will be assigned in one of the projects in Field Buzz and your role will include:

Project management
  • Day to day management of assigned project, making sure that milestones and deadlines are met;
  • Maintaining a fruitful relationship with existing customers;
  • Helping to design and publish training materials and conducting training sessions for the users;
  • Maintaining continuous support to customers by coordinating the team;
  • As the number of customers grows, helping to train and manage our team of field sales and support officers;
Product improvement
  • Understanding customers’ needs and business processes by conducting a thorough interview and field visits;
  • Conducting in-depth user experience research;
  • Developing functional specifications for improvements;
  • Making sure that the software is usable and meets customer expectation.
Business development
  • Helping to design and implement our marketing and customer onboarding and business development strategy i.e. identifying leads, generating contacts and converting them into paying customers;
  • Developing materials and organizing events to attract more customers and to get them to sign up to the software.

Your exact duties will depend on the company’s needs at the time. Indeed, we may ask you to work on other projects as well, if the need arises. Your level of responsibility will grow over the course of your career based on enthusiasm and demonstrated ability to produce high-quality work.

For the right kind of person, this role can prove to be very exciting, challenging and rewarding. It will require:

  • Very strong logical thinking, analytical ability and problem-solving attitude, creative thinking and intuition;
  • Significant self-initiative, ambition, maturity, responsibility, hard work and meeting deadlines;
  • Being a fun part of the team and helping each other out;
  • Strategic vision, focus on the “most important” and looking for smart short-cuts whenever possible, but also attention to detail, the commitment to finish things properly and making them the best they can be;
  • Ability to talk with and be understood by anyone, from the clients’ top management all the way down to the rural employees;
  • Willingness to travel, including to remote rural areas of Bangladesh and abroad.

A pre-existing interest, relevant work experience, and university degree in technology, in business/sales and marketing/project management, or in rural development, are obviously advantages, but we are also open to exceptional candidates with a different CV but outstanding references. The most important requirement is that you can show to us that you are a quick learner, a hard worker and a problem-solver.

In exchange for your enthusiasm, hard work and intelligence, we will train you in key skills of management consulting, project management and marketing.

If you are intrigued by this role and you think you fit the requirements, please send your CV and a covering letter to career@field.buzz.